Happy Workplace

Creating and cultivating a happy, positive work environment is something you can’t afford not to do. If you are a Business owner it's essential to the success of your venture! 

It’s positivity, that aura you can feel, sense and see! These are the ‘happy’ vibes and rays given off by contented people, employees and customers alike. 

You may have found the key and are one of the lucky ones who have experienced such euphoria! Your workplace environment exudes happiness. Customers also enjoy the benefits of a ‘happy place’ and keep coming back for more.

And it’s not that hard to achieve this Shangri-La.

If you are a Business owner you can start by sowing the seeds. In this article, we provide the tips to create a positive, happy workplace. Nurture and you will see cooperation, trust and accountability grow and flourish. It’s about striving for a shared purpose, values and trust, that is developed between you, staff and your customers. By following our Tips you can harvest the benefits. Make your workplace the one everyone wants to be at. 

  1. Wear a smile: How you present and interact with others is how they will react to you. Smiling is contagious. If the Manager has a positive demeanour it can influence emotions and create a sense of happiness. Employees are more likely to feel relaxed, communicate more and worry less. Happiness fosters confidence and motivation. Not happy! Frown and your staff frown with you.
  1. Foster open and honest communication: This is the conduit for constructive exchanges and are the building blocks of healthy relationships. Encourage feedback, listen and act on it as needed. Staff will appreciate the opportunity to speak and will feel valued. Open and honest communication is essential to transparent management. Importantly, invite input from your customers, online surveys or face-to-face, hear and heed their comments. Without customers you are out of Business.
  1. Promote work-life balance: This is critical in today’s fast-paced busy lifestyle. Offering balanced arrangements will make for happy staff and increase productivity. Make employee well-being a priority! Offer remote working arrangements where possible. Flexible working hours, supportive holiday policies and health & well-being programs are conducive to producing better outcomes for all.
  1. Recognize and reward effort: Along with generous pay conditions how well or not you treat your employees will show in the results. Rewards and incentives for hard work, recognizing achievements, celebrating successes and with praise and appreciation you are creating a supportive and positive environment. Employees will respond with loyalty and commitment and be motivated to achieve more.
  1. Provide Opportunities for development and growth: Foster a learning culture to build and grow your workforce. Include career advancement programs and training and professional development opportunities as part of the HR package. Financially support the cost of sector education. Look and develop potential! Give positive reinforcement to help bring out the best in everyone.  
  1. Develop a supportive Team culture: Foster teamwork to combine the skills and talents of all to create the strongest link.  Collaborative practices and team-building activities develop bonds of trust, honesty and safe risk-taking. Joint effort makes for a more motivated and productive team wanting to achieve the best outcomes. Foster a friendly atmosphere, with small things such as morning greetings that encourage connections.
  1. Have fun together:  Support and join in social occasions, such as celebrating birthdays, holding charity fundraising events and monthly Friday lunches. These are simple ways to provide relaxed settings that can boost morale and help build friendships. Support a Social Committee to organize non-work-related events outside of business hours such as a bowling night or dinner at a restaurant. Socializing with colleagues outside of the work environment is an opportunity to forge stronger relationships that can lead to improved satisfaction and happiness for all. Fun together is enjoyment, sharing an experience and laughter. It's about breaking down barriers.
  1. Create a ‘happy’ workspace: Conduct an audit of your physical workplace to assess compatibility. Natural lighting, a clean and organized environment and suitable furniture are key considerations in creating a positive 'workable' space. Check individual needs. Allow employees to add their personal touch and decorate for comfort. Storage, check, are there sufficient cupboards and lockers. De-clutter all areas for improved productivity. Provide some 'greenery', pot plants in the office are reported as beneficial to well-being. Office equipment, is it in good working order or are updates or replacements required? Are staff facilities fully functional? Check your workplace today! .

Creating a Happy and Positive Workplace!   

Get started today! Wear a smile and follow our Tips to make your workplace the one everyone wants to be at.