Are you stuck in the business?

  • Answering phones
  • Juggling activities right across the board
  • Battling to put out 'spot fires'
  • Trying to be and do everything for everybody

System and Process is the answer to streamlining your business and will release you from these burdens and free you up to run your business again.

We will educate you on the following;

  • Working 'ON' your business and not 'IN' your business
  • Unlocking how to work smarter by developing systems and processes
  • Discovering time management practices to increase your personal efficiency and productivity
  • Building a business based on functionality rather than individuals

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Did you know...

96% of mistakes in business are due to lack of systems?

Only 4% of mistakes are due to human error?

'W. Edwards Deming' - the father of quality management.

Is your business structured around systems and processes in order to maximise efficiencies?

If you answered "NO" and you want to know more but you are unsure where to begin or how to get started, don't panic because Blackburn Accounting can help.

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 This session includes practical guidance and interactive activities including but not limited to;

 Finding out why system and process are essential elements to support business growth

  • Changing your business to one that is focussed on functions first and matching the right staff to the right task
  • Learning the benefits of developing systems that allow you to maximise your time and efforts
  • Improving efficiencies for you and your Team
  • Understanding how to work 'ON' your business and less 'IN' your business

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Are you caught in a maze?

Lacking direction?

Not sure of the way forward?

Confused or all of the above?


Did you know that poor planning is the 2nd top reason new businesses fail?

The solution - A Business Plan

Welcome to Strategic Planning.

Where to go and how to begin?

If you want help and guidance join the Workshop Series - "Building Better Business" with Blackburn Accounting.

You will find out how to develop a Business Plan:

  • A plan that captures your organisation's ideas and visions
  • A working document that clearly sets out actions with tangible, measurable outcomes

In simple language, a plan that is focussed on how to achieve the results you want; strategies to take your business forward and to grow and achieve success.

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Where would we be without systems and processes?

More than likely going around in circles?

Does this ring a bell, and are you running your business, working in your business, and trying to juggle everything whilst being all things to everyone?

If this sounds like you then the Blackburn Accounting Workshop Series - Building Better Business and the 'System and Process' module is the solution.

We will take you through step by step...

  • How to create a business system  
  • How to identify what systems you need
  • How to discover the benefits of system and process for greater efficiency
  • How to understand working 'ON' versus working 'IN' your business

Getting, being and staying organised and learning the importance of streamlining your business by developing systems for everything!

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Did you know?

  • 95% of a typical workforce doesn't understand it's organisations strategy 
  • 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategies successfully
  • 86% of executive teams spend less than 1 hour per month discussing strategy
  • 60% of organisations don't link strategy to budgeting 

Do you have strategic planning guiding your organisation's direction and future successes?

Do you have a Business Plan that clearly maps the path to achieving specific goals?   

No? Or if so, is it time the review your strategy?

Would you like help and guidance and want to know more...

Join the Workshop Series - "Building Better Business" with Blackburn Accounting and acquire the skills to implement your Business Plan by working through the Strategic Planning 6-stage process and SWOT analysis to develop a clear path to success.   

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