GP doctor accounting servicesGP’s local to the local community. The first point of contact for many seeking health services, services just like those provided by you and your Practice.

If you own your Business to manage it successfully the first point of contact is a trusted and qualified Accounting practice. Blackburn Accounting is such, ‘your family Business Specialists”

As you focus on providing the best health outcomes for your patients you know the importance of building relationships that gain trust and respect to best serve your patient’s needs. This takes time and dedication, and you know the role and responsibilities of a Medical Practitioner are demanding.

If you are a GP managing your own practice you will understand the need for professional services to successfully operate a successful Business. Likewise, if you are part of a group practice efficient, expert accounting management is critical. By engaging with qualified Accountants it leaves you the time needed to concentrate on delivering health services.

When it comes to the business of financial accounting services and Business activities this is where Blackburn Accounting fits the bill! We will take care of managing your financial affairs, Business and personal.

We pride ourselves as ‘your family Business specialists’ with the expertise to ‘cultivate and develop your greatness’.

Our Team is here to provide the answers you need to run a successful Business that’s operating at peak performance.

Contact us if you want to;

  • Increase Business efficiency
  • Stay in compliance with tax laws
  • Boost your revenue and profits
  • Personalised service

Blackburn Accounting offer a broad range of services which include;

  • Family Business Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Business development

We are well placed and ready to serve your best interests. Your business health is paramount, and with you we will conduct a Business Health Check-up. 

Think of this as an investment in your and your Business current and future health outcomes.

We will;

  • assess your accounting and taxation services needs and provide answers tailored to suit your Business, now and in the longer term.
  • work closely to form strong relationships to achieve the best possible outcomes for all concerned. We want you to get the most from your efforts and hard work.

GP doctor accountingAnd we keep abreast of changes and updates that affect you and your Practice, such as;

  • Taxation legislation, compliance and minimisation
  • Strategies for financial efficiency and personal wealth growth
  • Identify your Business goals and translate into Business Plans
  • Understanding and application of new Business management technology
  • Economic trends
  • Industry changes

Family Business Management

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Business structures

Cashflow Management

  • Superannuation & Retirement Planning

Business Development

  • Expansion into new markets
  • Business development, communication and advice

A successful Business is achieved by a combination of good health, Industry knowledge, hard-work, committed Owners, skilled Managers, and workers. It is also underpinned by sound financial management. This is where professional Accounting services are essential. Professional services and solutions Blackburn Accounting provides.

If you are starting out in your own Private Practice you will need expert advice across all aspects of best Business practice. The same is needed if in a partnership or franchise, expert financial management and advice is critical.

Blackburn Accounting is qualified to guide you in;

  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of Business and Individual Tax returns
  • PAYG tax liability analysis
  • Asset protection
  • Bookkeeping

Contact us if you want to;

  • Increase Business efficiency
  • Stay in compliance with tax laws
  • Boost your revenue and profits
  • Personalised service

Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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