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It’s just easier when you’re not doing it alone!


With a strong commitment to smart business practices I am introducing the - Building Better Businesses, a Results Based Workshop series.


Workshops are tailored for businesses wanting to take their business forward, something I am sure you can relate to.  I will share my experiences along with supporting notable sources, derived from my expetience and extertise with serving over 200 companies in the past 20 years. 


Why Results Based? 


A result based focus is the opportunity to recognise and acknowledge your specific strengths. Then using each session content to support ways for improvement, and growth through proven techniques.


The series looks at the What, Why and How in successful business practices, with sessions designed to answer those questions through instruction and participation. Each Workshop is a unique Topic while building steps to the next with the aim of Building Better Businesses, your business.


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I welcome you to join me and start the year with some important conversations and hands-on planning activities.


To find out more I encourage to book your place at the Introductory Workshop session Tuesday 29th January.  Together we will explore;

  • Session Purposes, Aims     
  • Ask yourself
  • What’s in it for Me?!!


If you think you can benefit from having a CPA, experienced business operator and mentor, proven business director, and active business leadership volunteer on your side, I would love to see you at our Introductory Session.



Tuesday 29th of October 2019, 5.30pm to 7.30pm




at Hotel Clipper, 20 Patterson Rd, Rockingham



This will be a hands-on session.
● Hear about and share the real business challenges and goals attendees want to focus on
● Get a quick overview of solution topics
● Do a business review exercise on several important aspects of your business
● Explore next steps


How much?

$99 per person ($300 value). To ensure that I can give you personal attention as well as the benefit of group synergy, I am limiting this session to 10 seats on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can secure your seat with completing the registration form or contact us here.


Value Guaranteed


I am committed to give you something of value whether you attend one session, pick a few, or attend all eight of my Building Better Business workshops.


So invite a collegue or friend, come along and see for yourself!