When you’re seeking help to build a successful business, it’s hard to know who to turn to with such an important asset. Especially if it’s a family business. There are others depending on you and they’re trusting you to make wise decisions for their future.
That’s why it’s important to choose an accounting firm that makes it their business to understand your family business, your goals for it, and why they’re important to you.
At Blackburn Accounting, we can help you in many ways and for any situation.
But let’s start with three popular situations…


1. Your business is a runaway success.
This is a good problem, we like this problem. This means you’re ready to expand the business.
How we help: We manage the expansion, help you keep as much wealth as possible, and build in a strategy for growth. We highly recommend our Business Development and Business Expansion services.

2. Your business is not a runaway success, you’d like to make it one.
This is when your business is no longer fun or it’s not working as you planned, and you’d like to make it better – if that's even possible. Don’t freak out! It’s OK, we deal with this all the time. We’re good at finding an effective solution.
How we help: We implement changes, manage the business, sort your accounting, track spending and loss and every important aspect that turns a business around and keep it on the right path. We also ensure you keep as much and lose as little as possible.

3. You need some help to work out what’s going on.
Get to the bottom of it, now!
Start with our Accounting, Business Structure and our Taxation services design specifically for family and other small businesses.
How we help: We put your business under a microscope and from there we leave no stone unturned. We eliminate all the barriers affecting growth to move the business forward.


Services you can count on.
We offer a broad range of services which include:
- Accounting
- Taxation
- Business Structures
- Expansion into new markets
- Business development, communication and advice
- Superannuation and retirement planning

The Blackburn Accounting team is here to provide the answers you need to run a successful business that’s running at peak performance. Call on us if you want to increase business efficiency, stay in compliance with the tax laws, and boost your revenue and profits.


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