When starting or growing a family business, naturally you’d want to minimise or cut costs. So, you’re tempted to handle your own accounting in-house. This could work if you’re a sole trader. But if it’s a company, it’s a painful task that’s often nudged to the bottom of the to-do list because you become too busy.

Doing it yourself then becomes costly.

For example, say you’re late to invoice clients. Your cash flow is directly affected. Because cash is low, you’re late paying bills. If your business depends on suppliers, this affects the order cycle. And if you have employees, you struggle to pay them. Soon, money starts leaking out of the business. As you lose track of your finances, you’re unable to make sound financial decisions. You end up spending more than you can afford.

Sounds a lot like the domino effect, right? It’s all connected.

Don’t let this happen to your family business!

Things could get so bad you could suffer from unnecessary stress that lead to relationship breakdowns and the need to shut down your family business. Fortunately, at Blackburn Accounting we know how to help you avoid this.

We provide accounting services in Perth to help you grow, not break, your business. You outsource to a dedicated independent accountant who helps you understand your finances and regain control of your money. As we have a full team, you gain the knowledge of an entire accounting firm – without the hefty cost. We also support you as your business and accounting needs change.

Accounting services you can trust.

Up-to-date and accurate financial statements are the foundation of successful family business guidance. Your accountant tackles the financial complexities of your business and prepare statements and budgets to guide their advice.

And we understand, it’s never easy to hand over to an independent accountant. But the key benefit is you have an experienced business savant who knows the ins and outs of business finance and who can compare your performance results with a standardised performance goal from your industry.

You’ll finally understand your finances.

Additionally, your accountant will:
 provide effective bookkeeping and reconciling reports
 keep accurate records and improve accounting procedures
 prepare profit and loss statements you can understand
 use the correct business software for your business structure.

Grow your business through automated accounting services.

To build a successful family business, it’s important that your independent accountant makes things happen behind the scenes so you can get on with running your business.

Our automated services include:
 setting realistic, challenging financial goals
 reviewing financial operations to achieve these goals and ensure efficiency
 liaising with external auditors, ASIC and the Australian Taxation Office
 tracking spending and conducting financial investigations where necessary


So, are you ready to get on top of your cash flow and gain confidence in your business decisions?
Let our experts ensure your numbers always add up. Request a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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