While the thought of expanding into new markets is exciting, it can also be daunting and completely overwhelming. New markets have an array of different requirements, taxes and unknowns that can be difficult to navigate. That’s where we can help. Blackburn Accounting assists clients in structuring their international affairs, corporate and regulatory compliance and provides advice on GST and other tax considerations. Our clients operate internationally, both as a supplier and as a customer in Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and the Middle East.  Some of the common areas of consideration include:

  • GST considerations.  Exports of goods and services can be GST in many instances, though the rules are not always straight forward.
  • Double tax considerations.  Australia has double tax treaties with many countries which may affect the way in which a business pays tax in each country.  Circumstances must be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Transfer pricing rules.  Transactions with related off-shore parties are subject to the transfer pricing rules. 
  • Government grants.  The main grant offered by the government to Australian businesses who export is the Export Markets Development Grant.  Blackburn Accounting can assist in determining eligibility and lodging a claim for an Export Markets Development Grant

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