Are you thinking or in the middle of transitioning from your work life to the rest of your life? Don’t settle for an ordinary retirement. Gone are the days when retirement meant play golf all day, look after the grandkids or bore yourself silly. Today, retiring means enjoying the other half of your life doing things that make you happy.

But to make your retirement pleasurable, you must plan early. The key word here is ‘plan’. Think about it. When you were launching your business, you had a plan. You knew the result you wanted and how you were going to achieve it. You didn’t just hope things will turn out OK.
Do the same for your retirement. Especially when you’ll spend about the same number of years in retirement as you did when you were working.
After all, you deserve a successful retirement after so many years of working, worrying and sacrificing.

Don’t leave your retirement to chance.

So, what kind of life do you really want when you retire?

At Blackburn Accounting, if you have dream retirement, then we know how to help make it reality. We help you understand your strengths, values, interests, passions and needs. These will guide your game plan for your new lifestyle over the years ahead.
We also support you through retirement. This is in case things don’t go to your expectations. As you know, life happens. Perhaps during retirement, you need medical treatment or you need to put things on hold for a family emergency. In this case, we help you understand your options and the steps to take.

You deserve a retirement you’d be proud to talk about.
Whether you want to travel the world, retire in your own hotel on a tropical island or start fresh as a grey nomad in a caravan, we can plan a retirement full of meaning, happiness and satisfaction for you to maximise the value.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a life you’ll love to live? One you’d be proud to talk about?
Don’t let anyone tell you that only rich people retire happy.
They’re half right, though. A happy retirement doesn’t happen for just anyone. It only happens for those who plan well.

To make it happen for you, we like to make sure:
• your dream retirement lifestyle is realistic
• you set new goals and priorities
• you have the correct retirement strategy
• your superannuation fund is set up correctly
• the administration of this fund is working correctly


Plus, we research other investment strategies you’re legally allowed to use, such as using self-managed superannuation funds. All this will have a huge impact on your current and future income and expenses, your superannuation, and the viability of your assets.


But keeping on top of your cashflow is challenging enough and could put a lot of stress on your plans especially if you’re unsure how you’ll support yourself. Let our superannuation and retirement planning specialists help you with your plan and put it into action. Make an appointment today.



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