I believe this means doing what you say you are going to do.
Have you ever made a promise or commitment to your customer or family member and have not kept that promise?
Commitment is the basis for trust, which is the foundation of all relationships.
On the other side if you break your commitments it equates to destroying trust. We all at some stage breaks our commitments.
In order for Samurais to maintain the tradition of “honour” they must keep their commitments no matter the consequences. (Compassionate Samurai by Brian Klemmer)
The consequences of not keeping your commitments include:
• Money
• Time
• Friendships
• Health; and
• Anything that really matters

What is important is to acknowledge this failing and speak to the effect people to re-establish the commitment. All it takes is one simple telephone call.
I find if I ever break a commitment to something I have promised I will email or make a phone call those effected and speak to them and recommit.
The other thing I have done is that I have engaged in mentors and have hired employees to help deliver and meet all the commitments that I make.
Tell us what you do to ensure you keep your promises?