starting a new business1You have a brilliant idea, have the passion and are prepared, ready to make it happen!

You can’t wait to take it to the marketplace, the world and beyond!


What next?
It is ‘written’ that success comes in many shapes and sizes, forms and formulae-
It is ‘written’ also that the journey to ‘success’ is usually fraught with trials and tribulations.
Hard-work, passion and good luck are simply not enough!
It’s easy to be overwhelmed as you are flung into the Business world of regulation, finances and marketing to name a few fields.

Don’t let these become barriers, we can help you over the hurdles.
At Blackburn Accounting we understand what it takes, the challenges and complexities of starting, setting up and running a successful Business!

We know that at the heart of success is sound financial management. This is where Blackburn Accounting ‘your family Business specialists’ can play a part in your journey to success!

Our services include;

  • Family Business Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Business Development

Starting Up, Setting Up a new Business
10 Steps Guide
Tick the boxes as you go!

starting a new businessStep 1
Do your homework to determine if you are ready.
Step 2
Review, assess your Business idea.
Step 3
Develop your Business Plan.
Check your Business model.
Step 4
Select your Business structure.
Step 5
Check your legal obligations.
Step 6
Establish your financial situation.
Step 7
Identify your Team.
Step 8
Build your Marketing plan.
Do your research – instore/online; industry trends; consumer patterns.
Step 9
Ticked all the boxes?
Step 10
Launch, test the waters!


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