If your tax obligations are driving you nuts, you’re unsure how much money your family business stands to lose or you’re after new strategies to reduce your tax bills, then it’s time to call in an independent tax specialist.
At Blackburn Accounting, we take care of all those irritating tax obligations that take up so much of your precious time. We also proactively find the best ways to help you evade unnecessary taxes. This way, you can minimise your expenses and maximise your tax refunds year after year.

Aussie tax system is one of the most complex in the world.
The taxation obligations for family businesses in Australia can be extremely confusing and time consuming. The system changes regularly and this generally means missing out on entitlements or getting caught off guard at the worst time – like when you think you have made a profit, you go and spend the money, only to find out you should be giving it to the Tax Man!
It’s safe to say that the person in charge of tax for a small business needs to stay informed, year-round, and know everything they need to do when they encounter a tax challenge. Who to contact at the Australian Taxation Office, which form to fill, what the business is allowed or not allowed to claim, and so on.
But do you have time to do this when you’re trying to grow a business where you’re probably the boss and the one doing most of the work? And are you prepared to leave it to a family member who can barely take care of the books?


Leave your tax affairs in better hands.
If you want to be on the right side of the tax laws, and if you want to boost your tax refund, then we’re here to help. We have worked darn hard to grow a team of some of the best tax specialists in Perth.
We’ve helped many local businesses develop tax-saving strategies to minimize future tax obligations. We’ve helped them to plan pro-actively to improve your bottom line. And we’ve reviewed operating structures to improve how they manage business cashflow.
But don’t take our word for it, read what our clients say about us



Give yourself more time to get on with business.

Leave your finance to the professionals. We assist with:
• tax planning advice
• projecting and forecasting tax for the next financial year
• monitoring of your tax position
• regular in-depth analysis and reporting
• capital gains tax advice, fringe benefits tax and salary packaging
• tax returns and business activity statements
• goods and services tax and payroll tax
• small business tax concessions
• any other tax concessions you should be claiming

payroll tax  

If you’re looking for a team who goes beyond traditional tax preparation and who provides tax minimisation strategies to help you earn more and keep more, request an appointment today.


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