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Whether a Tradie, Professional or Developer if you play a part in the Property Industry you need to be on top of your game in the field, on match day and in the office.

For that you need sound and expert advice in Financial and Accounting matters.

This is where Blackburn Accounting has a role.

When it comes to the Numbers game, saving Tax and making Profits contact us!

We understand the challenges and complexities of your Sector and the part you and your work has in creating communities and contributing to our economy.

For that reason you need to be well placed to respond to the pressure and demands
of the changing landscape that is the Industry, including Best Practice methods, Top Management and Innovation.

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We can help reduce the stress of running a Business.

With our Toolkit of Services and Skills we are best equipped to support and guide you in;

  • Family Business Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Business Development

Call us if you want to;

  • Increase business efficiency
  • Stay in compliance with tax laws
  • Boost your revenue and profit
  • Prepare Tender documents

We are familiar with the ups and downs and ‘boom and bust’ associated with this Industry
and are across the strategies needed to respond to these cycles of change.

Such as;

  • establishing and adopting sound Business systems,
  • keeping on top of your financial affairs,
  • managing HR compliance
  • and the raft of Taxation legislation requirements to name a few essential practices.

We can help and guide you in these matters.

Real Estate
In the changing landscape of realtor Business activities you need to be on top of your game!

Legislative requirements, environment regulations, marketing and changing sales methods are challenges in an often fluctuating property marketplace. You have more than enough to deal with!

When it comes to the financial accounting matters let us help ease your workload by providing our professional services. Blackburn Accounting has the experience and knowledge to advise and support you and your Business.

Our Services include;

  • Risk management
  • Business strategy
  • Accounting and Tax compliance
  • GST, Income Tax and Capital Gains tax
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Capital raisingproperty industry3 copy

Request a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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