Blackburn Accounting was honored to be the Major Sponsor of the Annual State Convention for Toastmasters in Western Australia from 26-28 May 2017.
The Convention was held at the newly renovated Tradewinds Hotel in Fremantle
It was a privilege to support the very talented up and coming speakers in Western Australia.
Some of the highlights were:
• The Keynote Speaker – Gary Schmidt DTM PIP the former International President of Toastmaster International

The highlight of the keynote was The Secrets of Successful Leaders
o Building Personal Relationships
o Communication: Are you building commitment from your member/staff
o Must get buying from stakeholders
o Be a service Leader

• The Workshop presented by Phillippa Henderson on Aligning your body language with your message
o The make up of a message is
     55% body movement (confident and poised)
     38% voice (tone and pauses)
     7% words
o Power of the smile - Can you hear a smile on the phone
o Primal brain is assessing for risk and will have instinctual behavior
o Trust your intuition
o Be Confident
     Personal presentation
     Eye contact
     Inhale confidence
     Exhale Doubt
     Build Trust
     Strong Body Position

• The Workshop presented by - Lee Broomhall in learning from your life experiences in providing Authentic Leadership
That creating opportunity for all people
o Be Authentic – be yourself and know yourself
o Be Genuine – this includes demonstrating your vulnerabilities
o Draw on the experiences of others
o BE interested - listen, acknowledge and serve authentically
o Express authentically – can’t always lead from the crowd. At some point, you need to take action based on what’s in the best interest of stakeholders.
o Be your own leadership story
• We were treated to master class session by Dr. Troy Hendrickson on Leadership Strategies and Techniques