Did you know...

96% of mistakes in business are due to lack of systems?

Only 4% of mistakes are due to human error?

'W. Edwards Deming' - the father of quality management.

Is your business structured around systems and processes in order to maximise efficiencies?

If you answered "NO" and you want to know more but you are unsure where to begin or how to get started, don't panic because Blackburn Accounting can help.

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 This session includes practical guidance and interactive activities including but not limited to;

 Finding out why system and process are essential elements to support business growth

  • Changing your business to one that is focussed on functions first and matching the right staff to the right task
  • Learning the benefits of developing systems that allow you to maximise your time and efforts
  • Improving efficiencies for you and your Team
  • Understanding how to work 'ON' your business and less 'IN' your business

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