Getting back on your feet can daunting but help is available.
Don’t wait before you Take the Steps to Recovery, to Turn your Setback into a Comeback.

 Contact us, Blackburn Accounting, Your Family Business Specialists.
We offer professional services and can help you with;
• Assessing your situation
• Checking for any additional income sources, support measures or similar schemes
• Managing your expenses and repayments

We understand and encourage you not to put it off.
By contacting us today, you are taking the first steps to recovery.

Taking the Steps to Recovery
Let Blackburn Accounting help you to get back on your feet and smile again!
We are your Family Business Specialists, ready to support and guide you.

Step 1:
Blackburn Accounting will work with you to assess and determine your true position.
• We will closely examine all Business activities so we know exactly what we are dealing with
• Review the Budget and tighten as needed
• Explore small and big-ticket cost savings

Step 2:
Checking for any additional income sources, support measures or similar schemes
• Are there any Government incentive or support measures
• Discount offers or bonuses
• Check what resources are available to you, both from your own accounts as well as insurance.

Step 3:
Managing your expenses and repayments
• Negotiate with Creditors for extra time
• Pursue Debtors payments (collect sooner than later)
• Consider customer deposits or pre-paid options
• Create a Financial Plan and set priorities


With you we will develop Recovery Strategies to deal with the now and
help you implement the Steps to Recovery to Turn a Setback into a Comeback.

Take the first step to your Business Recovery, contact Blackburn Accounting today.