Establishing and maintaining an Online presence is critical, providing a number of opportunities. This has been demonstrated over the past year during the challenges of COVID.
Online, regardless if through your website, social media platforms or email marketing, Online, is a must for many reasons.
• to attract new customers
• stay connected with existing customers
• show-casing your goods and services
• promoting new lines
• advertising specific ‘deals and offers’
all ONLINE information must be up to-date, accurate and customer user-friendly.


Tips: Going Forward
• Refresh your digital marketing approach if needed
• Boost your Business by Blogging
• Be Online to be seen and heard and to generate sales
• Have fun with your Marketing; it can help lift spirits during these tough times

New Trends: Identify Opportunities
2020 saw interest and increased demands across and array of goods and services; such as homewares and home improvements; DIY Projects; wellness-based activities; at home cooking and people wanting to learn new skills. This interest has continued in 2021. Already Retailers and Suppliers are suggesting we start thinking our ‘Christmas list’ purchases. Now is the time to consider how your products, goods and services can tap into these market trends.
Importantly, consider also how you can do your Business differently to respond pro-actively to a changed environment.


More Opportunities
Seek out and embrace new Events and Activities.
Check out Seasonal Calendar promotions, including at the Local and International level. For example, ‘Black Friday’ a traditional US pre-Christmas shopping sales and marketing event has gained a wider following. Check out more to see if you can find a niche.
At the local level many Local Government Councils actively support and promote community Events, such as Market days, and similar, that during COVID have become popular. With travel and other restrictions many potential customers are looking to attend and spend.
Why not let it be your goods, services and products they choose.