Whatever your Business, wherever you are, you are part of the local community,
And as a Business owner you are also part of the Business community.
It makes sense therefore to get to know your neighbours!
Reach out and connect, the benefits are many! Such as, raising your profile and finding out who and what else is out there!

Small Businesses can support each other in practical ways;
Read on for examples……………..

7 Practical Ways to support each other:
1. Need a service, check your local directory
2. Reach out and network. Share, show and tell.
3. Create and join local Business groups
4. Offer discount to fellow local Businesses
5. Refer customers to small Businesses you trust and know
6. Exchange Business cards
7. Get involved in local initiatives

Other ways to Supporting local business,
Supporting each other, and Working together!

Connecting with community
Explore opportunities such as Rotary, community groups, Library activities.
Follow-up with an Invitation to catch-up over drinks or a coffee chat
Join local Groups
The Local Government publish directories and advertise opportunities. Check out the Town of Victoria Park website. See us in the Business Directory! Are you there?
It’s amazing,
the Businesses you will find and people you meet in your community circle network.

Connecting - Are you inspired?

Your Invitation
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