Time to review your Plan and Strategies,
• To better know and understand the current marketplace.
• Identify your current and potential customers. Ask yourself; How do I reach, attract and keep them!
• Be aware of demographics, the changing ‘face’ of consumers, their preferences, buying behaviours and habits.
• Identify trends
• Add new technology to the mix. Adopt, use to your advantage.

Look for opportunities, ‘one door closes, another opens’!
• review your product range/ line/ service
• be innovative in your thinking and actions
• seek, find solutions to problems. Reinvent if you have to.


Need help developing your Marketing Plan, contact Blackburn Accounting.
We can take you through the steps and process. We want your Business to succeed and know the importance of effective marketing strategies.
Marketing provides the opportunity ‘to show, tell and sell your products’. And who doesn’t want that!