Spring the season of new life and beginnings!
With that in mind, why not spring into action by undertaking a
‘Health’ Check-up of your Business!
Act now, and get into shape for the coming year!

The 5 Point Business Health Checklist
1. Are your insurances sufficient, up to date?
2. Are your computer systems reliable, adequate?
3. Are you aboard Digital platforms?
4. Do you have sound Accounting systems?
5. Do you need expert advice?

Useful Tips
Processes. Check the efficiency of your practices and processes. Streamline and automate as needed.
Plan Meetings with a purpose. It is amazing what a difference small can make. Time is money! Your money!
Review materials and utility charges. Are there more efficient methods or practices available? Consider paperless options, more effective heating or cooling systems etc.
Empty your mailbox/Inbox. Stay on top of your correspondence for greater efficiency and a clearer mind. Better for you and your customers!
Explore new ways to sell. Online is with us and is adaptable to most Businesses. Don’t get left behind! There are customers out there waiting to see and buy your products and services.
Examine your Inventory. Poor management can cost you. Look to move old stock with sales or promotions to bring in new products.


Need expert advice?
Need help with the above matters, don’t wait.
Blackburn Accounting is available to provide answers, solutions and professional advice.
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