Marketing is the process of intentionally stimulating demand for and purchases of goods and services!

And wouldn’t we all like it to be our Business in demand!
Yes! Then read on……………..


Marketing Re-defined

Consumer behaviour has undergone a dramatic shift during COVID and Businesses that can change and adapt are better placed. COVID has challenged the rules about customer relationships, building brands and Businesses alike.


Below are 3 Tips to help you embrace Marketing 2021+
1. Know Your Customer. We now need to identify our customer segments and create personal connections. We do this by defining consumer groups according to multiple dimensions that influence purchasing behaviours; such as attitudinal characteristics. This means targeting specific customers beyond just demographics (e.g. age and gender).

2. Customer wants. Customers today expect you to have what they want. To keep abreast of these expectations requires Businesses to have data and technology as part of their Business model.

Connecting and gathering data is central to helping move from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to meeting consumers more personalised demands.

3. Competing. This goes beyond competing with your Business competitors you are now competing with your Customer. With the rise of digital transactions customers want and expect more. You are now competing with their last experience.

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